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2.99.49p6 test 2 - available


	File:  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/zmailer-2.99.49p6.tar.gz
	(yes, SAME name as before, I am evil..)

	I found problems at architecture-subdir compiles, this fixes
	them, and does other "small" cleanup.

	Any feedback ?

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

Mon Aug  4 17:29:26 1997  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* Makefile.in:
	    Version 2.99.49p6a2

	* INSTALL, Makefile.in, proto/Makefile.in:
	    "make install-cf"

	* configure.in, proto/Makefile.in:
	    Make (for installation) proto/scheduler.conf,
	    and its "distclean" removal..

	* man/scheduler.8, proto/scheduler.conf.in, scheduler/transport.c:
	    Substitute $LOGDIR into  command="..."  string.

	* router/libdb/bsdtree.c:
	    print_btree() had wrong test in db printout iteration
	    (found while wondering other thing..)

	* utils/makendbm/Makefile.in:
	    Corrected for architecture-subdir compile

	* utils/vacation/vacation.sh.in:
	    Sigh... Give up, and execute the correct binary in case
	    we called user-callable (= wrong) script.

	* router/Makefile.in:
	    Architecture-subdir compile for  rfc822.ssl, and its
	    related use.

	* include/libsh.h, libsh/builtins.c, libsh/trap.c, router/functions.c:
	    Altered  eval()  routine call parameters.
	    Also altered  ZMSH.fc  header format a bit.