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Re: alternatives to ETRN

> > Although, I think that a small program that would do
> > the same thing as ETRN command could be useful.

>      Yes, perhaps.
>      Although my primary intention has been that each customer
>      does something like this:
>           echo "ETRN my.domain.name" | telnet smtp.isp smtp
>      or:     (echo "ETRN my.domain.name";sleep 2) | telnet smtp.isp smtp

Heh-heh, the people who need to initiate queue run usually do not
have telnet capable of reading stdin or fancy shell ;-)))

>      However, have you seen any SUID-anything programs in the
>      ZMailer suite ?   Care to guess if I want to add any ?

I'd rather care to guess if you are planning to make all programs
(except smtpserver and mailbox) run as non-root :-)  And my guess
is: you are not ;-)