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Re: blocking unauthorized mail relaying (i.e. spam)

Thanks to everyone for the tips, but I think I'll go with a
'higher-level' solution for now.  Since I have been runing zmailer with
multiple postoffices (I fixed the scheduler so that it accepts a port
switch, and created some shell scripts to manage starting up/bringing
down the multiple postoffices --been working well over a year), I
already have a 'main' router script that simply moves the
$POSTOFFICE/router files to the different multiple postoffices' router
directories.  I have rewritten my main router into a perl script that
does some quick checking on the envelope portion and
bounces/defers/etc. anything being relayed through us that shouldn't
be.  I'm currently passing everything through and just logging which
messages would have been bounced to make sure my logic is correct.
Performance does not seem to be an issue at this point.  I can run
multiple main routers in the future if it is.

-Julio Polo, University of Hawaii