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blocking unauthorized mail relaying (i.e. spam)

Is there a similar utility/technique for Zmailer 2.2x (toronto version)
that blocks unwanted mail relaying?  I'm trying to find the quickest
way to do this without revamping our mail systems.  Can I just compile
the smtpserver and hope that it will be compatible with the other
components still at version 2.2x?

> [zmailer]: There is a patch for Zmailer 2.99.45 which implements
> flexible policy based SMTP filtering. It is very useful against spam
> and third party relaying.
> ftp://ftp.sztaki.hu/pub/private/kissg/zmailer

Please reply directly to julio@hawaii.edu since I don't subscribe to
this list.  Thanks.

-Julio Polo, University of Hawaii