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Re: blocking unauthorized mail relaying (i.e. spam)

In article <19970804201538Z3063-4289+547@nic.funet.fi>,
Matti Aarnio  <mea@nic.funet.fi> wrote:
># The policy database:  (NOTE: See  'makendbm'  for its default suffixes!)
>PARAM  policydb   gdbm  /opt/mail/db/smtp-policy
>	That is, you do NOT add ".gdbm" suffix here.
>	(Presuming it has been your problem..)

No, it's not my problem, but I got the problem fixed now. It's a
permissions problem.

I remembered that you said smtpserver turns itself into daemon,
looked at my db directory, and realized it is not daemon-readable.

perhaps (1) it is a good idea to put this (that things that are
meant to be read by smtpserver got to be daemon-readable) in the
upcoming zmailer manual, or (2) smtpserver should be more verbose
about why it isn't loading something as important as the policydb.

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