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	There is one thing about ZMailer that doesnt let me sleep
well: the sources and sample configuration is somewhat requiring a
cleanup and revising. All those core dump if something silly in a
configuration file or in case stupid race condition. As well as
I've seen in scheduler sources couple of same things are done in
more then one place. I understand that Matti is doing this almost
all alone and of course I admire his efforts and the product itself.
But perhaps we could start with putting ZMailer source into RCS
(I still cant understand how it was possible to keep it in one piece
without it) and perhaps ask a couple of volunters to revise different
pieces of code if Matti is willing to divide it between them. If we
put a little more structure into the sources and make configurations
files neat I believe everyone can benefit from it. Does it make any

PS It would be great to put all the revisions of zmailer available
   into RCS subsequently.
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