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Re: zmailer

> Morning,
> 	There is one thing about ZMailer that doesnt let me sleep
> well: the sources and sample configuration is somewhat requiring a
> cleanup and revising. All those core dump if something silly in a
> configuration file or in case stupid race condition. As well as
> I've seen in scheduler sources couple of same things are done in
> more then one place. I understand that Matti is doing this almost
> all alone and of course I admire his efforts and the product itself.

	I have a priorization at checking on things:
	- is it potential security leak ?
	- does it cause core-drops ?
	- is it slow ?
	- is it too ugly to watch ?
	- all other stimuli I get
	Order of the last three may vary.

> But perhaps we could start with putting ZMailer source into RCS
> (I still cant understand how it was possible to keep it in one piece
> without it)

	Oh, it is easy :)   Once you have done it for years, you
	wonder, why to bother with revision control systems..
	After all, there are even bigger software projects running
	without one.

	My most important revision control tool is the directory
	of distributions at  ftp.funet.fi.

>    and perhaps ask a couple of volunters to revise different
> pieces of code if Matti is willing to divide it between them. If we
> put a little more structure into the sources and make configurations
> files neat I believe everyone can benefit from it. Does it make any
> sense?

	Yes, I would start with tidying of the router configuration
	files, though.  (And the general source be in second place.)

	Particular example of nice looking bit is your  map.cf, but
	how do you use it ?  And what should I do when the resulting
	db is not generated the way your default does things ?
	(I don't have 'makemap' program, ZMailer has 'makendbm', [which
	 does need rename, and 'makemap' is quite good; but (ex-)sendmail
	 users will have a hard time with different parameters..] )

> 							alexis
> PS It would be great to put all the revisions of zmailer available
>    into RCS subsequently.

	Huh?   (I do see uses for it, but still I wonder, if it
		would help me..)

> -- 
> 	How can a flower so beautiful, be so laiden down with dew

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>