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Re: Mail bouncing

Matti Aarnio writes:
 > 	These error reports are by sendmail, not ZMailer, but I did
 > 	try to send to you too, and got ZMailer style report.

The system had sendmail installed on it by default (Redhat doesn't
have zmailer rpms yet :(
Could it be possible that the system is using the old "sendmail"
binary instead of the zmailer compatibility one?  I'll check that

 > 	Your system does now know itself.  In the  INSTALL  file
 > 	(in the sources) read chapter 8, which talks about "localnames"
 > 	(and many other) databases.

I have, and localnames contains the appropriate sorted list.

#b Remap local names ....
#c thus having ...
ftp                   mail.goldweb.com.au
ftp.goldweb.com.au    mail.goldweb.com.au
goldweb.com.au        mail.goldweb.com.au
localhost             localhost
mail                  mail.goldweb.com.au
mail.goldweb.com.au   mail.goldweb.com.au
www                   mail.goldweb.com.au
www.goldweb.com.au    mail.goldweb.com.au

So the system should know itself.  I have the exact same version of
zmailer running happily on my home system, the only difference being
my home system only needs to accept mail for one address (and that
mail generally comes from localhost anyway via POP3)
If it makes any difference, ftp, www, mail, etc on goldweb are all the
one machine, and the DNS maps them to the address and not with

-- Matt                                 [matt@blitzen.canberra.edu.au]
"I believe there comes a time when everything just falls in line, We
 live and learn from our mistakes; the deepest cuts are healed by faith."
                                         -- Pat Benetar, "All Fired Up"