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Re: a) sender rewriting b) separate queues/manual queue runs


Once Matti Aarnio wrote:
>	That way, it will at first try immediately, then after 10
>	minutes, then 30 minutes after that, and finally every 300
>	minutes.
>	Having a thousand messages there arriving every few minutes
>	will start the timer over and over again, but in quiscent
>	state it will quickly back off, and in any case it needs
>	only resources of ONE process when it actively attempts sends.
>	If you do not want this "instant retry at new arrival",
>	perhaps I can add an option to control it.

	Yes, I consider this to be a useful thing. Should we make
it default behaviour of scheduler and add special case "0" value
to ``retries'' option in scheduler.conf to enable immediate delivery?
Or would you prefer additional flag for it? I think ``0'' case
is more general and thus better solution.
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