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Re: a) sender rewriting b) separate queues/manual queue runs

Once Matti Aarnio wrote:
>	For the rewrite functions there should be additional parameter
>	for the call. ... and actually there even is.
>	I made a small change to the script at  crossbar.cf,  just by
>	adding second parameter.    The rest I leave for you.
>	(Same can be done with all rewrite functions.)
># This is usually the default message-header address rewriting function.
># It is responsible for hostname hiding and qualification.
>internet (address, hname) {
>	# 'address' is the address we are rewriting
>	# 'hname'   is the header whose address(es) we are rewriting;
>	#           value here is usually: 'From', 'To', etc.
>	#echo "rewrite: internet: $hname $address" >> /tmp/hdr.log

	Hmm, actually I've done it different way:

	$(sender) && {
                tmp=$(masquerades $address) && address=$tmp

>	That way, it will at first try immediately, then after 10
>	minutes, then 30 minutes after that, and finally every 300
>	minutes.

	This helps. Thank you!

		Yesterday dont matter when its gone