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Re: bulkmail

-> When handling relatively large mailinglists (say over a couple of hundred
-> subscribers) with sendmail, you can get big improvements regarding speed, by
-> supplying sendmail with a sorted list (using bulkmailer or something like
-> that).

Yes, the main improvement is you will send one mail just once to more
subscribers on the same machine at the same time, just give more RCPT TO:
lines; the next improvement could be done vith checking of what machine does
MX for what domain and merge rcipient lists again.

listproc does sorting of uselists in that way...

-> My question: will this help with ZMailer too? When delivering to those large
-> lists, I see that the local deliveries are very very earlier than the remote
-> deliveries. Maybe that's caused by ZMailer sorting the list?

I think it would

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