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policy checking in smtpserver

I just started playing with policy in smtpserver.  Noticed something that
is probably a (minor) bug:

553-chronos - You are on our reject-IP-address -list, GO AWAY!
553 If you feel we mistreat you, do contact us.
553 Ask HELP for our contact information.

note that there is no dash in the second line while it should be there.

a general note: the syntax is, hmm, interesting.  I've read the comments
in the smtp-policy.src twice and I still do not fully understand it.
Just a dream: to have in zsh style:

sift "$fromdomain" in
	return 0 ;;
	return 1 ;;

I am not sure if it is practical to compile zshell into smtpserver, but
why not?  On systems with dynamic loading libsh could be built shared...