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Re: .49, spam

Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
> 	One needs near instantaneous knowledge of spam sources, or a real
> 	AI system for message content analysis/spam filtering, but ...
> 	(if you can find this latter, I would adapt it into an auto-secretary
> 	 for me ;-) 

I do that in my mailing-list processor.  AI it's not, but perl regexps
make a decent substitute :)

$spamchance += 10
    if ( $body =~ /(?:(?:like)|(?:instructions)) to be removed from our.{1,15}list/six );

> 	Of course we could consider similar approaces to the problem
> 	as virus scanner makers are using.  Just scan the message body
> 	for magic identification factors, and bingo...  but what will
> 	happen, if somebody forwards a message with matching string,
> 	but with legitimate content ?  Like when sending such a mail to
> 	postmaster, or abuse, or ...

That's why I haven't transferred my code into zmailer.

I wrote:
> > The message came from something like <1fvdf@ejfvsd.afhdjalf3.vmx>, and
> > I don't see any way to reject things like that.  Could smtpserver do
> > an MX/A lookup of the envelope sender domain?  Would that be a bad
> > idea?

On closer reflection, I see that it's not likely to help against spam.
The spammers will just pick a random valid domain.