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Re: 2.99.48 smtpserver won't accept()?

On Sat, 3 May 1997, Andy Poling wrote:

> I just updated one of my Linux (2.0.26) systems from zmailer 2.99.38 to
> 2.99.48pl2.
> Now the SMTP server won't accept any connections.  Strace shows it sitting in
> an accept() even after I've attempted to connect to it from a variety of
> machines.  The TCP connection actually never gets established.  It looks to
> me like there's something wrong with the bind() or some ioctl on the socket
> before the accept().
> Before I start tearing into it, I thought I'd see if this sounds familiar to
> anyone here.  For the moment, I've copied back the smtpserver binary from
> 2.9.38 and it works, but I don't like mixing and matching versions of the
> various parts of zmailer...


I, too, just installed 2.99.48pl2 on Linux (2.0.27, Alpha AXP, though).  I
had very few problems and it is now running well, although not in
production yet.  Specifically, smtpserver accepts connections and hands
mail properly to router.

I did need to comment out some IPv6 stuff in the include files, but that
was it.

Sorry I don't have any real constructive ideas, but I wanted to let you
know that it does work on Linux.

See ya.


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