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Re: 2.99.48 smtpserver won't accept()?

> I just updated one of my Linux (2.0.26) systems from zmailer 2.99.38 to
> 2.99.48pl2.
> Now the SMTP server won't accept any connections.  Strace shows it sitting in
> an accept() even after I've attempted to connect to it from a variety of
> machines.  The TCP connection actually never gets established.  It looks to
> me like there's something wrong with the bind() or some ioctl on the socket
> before the accept().

	Could you send me "strace -f" logs of both smtpserver binary
	starts ?

	Err...  Did you compile the ZMailer at that machine ?
	Which kernel sources the compilation host has ?
	You may have encountered IPv6 problem at 2.0.20-odd
	Linux kernels.  In 2.0.30 those incomplete vestiges
	were taken out -- at my suggestion.

	Possibly you need to add option '-4' to the SMTPOPTIONS.

> Any ideas?
> -Andy

	/Matti Aarnio