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router log file

Zmailer 2.99.48p2/Linux/Alpha

I seem to be unable to change the router logfile with the -L option flag.
I killed router, made sure it was dead, and tried a command line like
this (via zmailer shell script):

	router -dkn $NROUTERS -L /var/log/mail/router1x

An empty /var/log/mail/router1x was created, but all the output went to

I used gdb to attach to each of the router processes to check the value of
the "logfn" variable.  In each case it was "/var/log/mail/router1x".

Also, Matti, it would be nice if a new variable -- say ROUTEROPTIONS --
were added to the /etc/zmailer.conf and to each invocation of "router" in
the zmailer shell script.  Router is the only major zmailer process that
does not allow clear and easy setting of it's options in that file. 



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