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2.99.48 smtpserver won't accept()?

I just updated one of my Linux (2.0.26) systems from zmailer 2.99.38 to

Now the SMTP server won't accept any connections.  Strace shows it sitting in
an accept() even after I've attempted to connect to it from a variety of
machines.  The TCP connection actually never gets established.  It looks to
me like there's something wrong with the bind() or some ioctl on the socket
before the accept().

Before I start tearing into it, I thought I'd see if this sounds familiar to
anyone here.  For the moment, I've copied back the smtpserver binary from
2.9.38 and it works, but I don't like mixing and matching versions of the
various parts of zmailer...

Any ideas?


PS - I updated due to a problem between my SMTP client and a Post.Office
(gag) SMTP server at metrolink.net.  Unfortunately the update didn't affect
that problem, but more on that later...

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