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Re: still a small error in .48 ?

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Mark Visser wrote:

> (scheduler.conf)
> local        command="sm -8c $channel procm"
> it goes wrong (see above)
> and when using
> local	     command="mailbox -8"
> It's al going ok. Then everything works as it's supposed to be.
> So there might be a procmail problem here or there's something in zmailer
> that going wrong here.

Actually, this is why I defined the filepipe channel (as Mark showed
earlier) in the first place. Procmail doesn't know how to handle files or
pipes as adressees. Mailbox apparently does. 

BTW. The modifications were based upon snippets from the zmailer archives,
messages about procmail etc. Worked like charm here, (on a .44) so I
didn't bother to follow up.

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