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Recent developments have made it clear to me that after several years
of digitally wedded bliss, zmailer and I are headed in different
directions. I'd just like to thank all of the zmailer community and in
particular Matti Aarnio for the tremendously high level of support and
the unusually helpful spirit that pervades this list. Matti is still
the only person who hacks on a freely distributed package that has
offered to call me to help me out, all the way from Finland to the
U.S.A. You don't find that kind of thing very often anymore.

Even so, I'm moving on to qmail, which has the same design philosophy
that the original zmailer did, and then some. Zmailer broke sendmails
monolithic design into separate, cooperating processes. Qmail carries
this tradition on, but also removes alias/list processing from the
guts of the mailer, which is a terrific idea and carries the same
power with it that the original idea of 'tools, not solutions' brought
to Unix and to the original zmailer.

I'm sure that a lot of the features that have been added to zmailer
are very worthwhile, and that many of you appreciate them. At the
sites where I work, we simply don't use them and they seem to me to be
a bit too much about the 'solution', rather than the tools.

So, as so often happens, philosophy and life goals have brought
another parting of the ways. For those of you who have been feeling as
I have about zmailer (and I know there are some, I've seen the
comments), I recommend qmail to your attentions.

To all of you, thanks again for the many hours you have spent
answering questions and helping me and other people out.