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Re: address recognition change? bug?

> > Matti,
> > 
> > Immediately after I installed .47 on our main mail relay, I noticed
> > strange behavior.  I am running a watchdog here from cron.  It
> > runs on a machine named chronos.sovam.com, and sends a message to
> > the address "@online.ru:mailping@chronos.sovam.com".  So, the message
> > is routed to the main "online.ru" relay (deimos), which cuts off
> > "@online.ru:" and sends the message back to chronos where it is processed
> > by a script. This worked before (incl .46) but when I installed .47, it
> > writes:
>      Whoops..  That is due to some change in between .46 and .47
>      in the  proto/cf/*.cf -files, which you undoubtly have installed ?

Yes.  And I am *almost* sure that I installed .46 together with its .cf
files (although sometimes I only do "make install-bin").  In case of .47,
I installed Zmailer on a completely fresh machine.