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Z-mailer 2.99.47+ on Linux

It seems to run fine for the most part, but there is a problem I notice
sometimes.  On two separate occasions, outgoing messages got stuck on the
queue after 3 or 6 attempts.  Here is example 'mailq' optput from the
latest one:

p0 14:21 press[442] mailq -s -Q
0 entries in router queue: idle
1 message in transport queue: working
    smtp/artic.edu/0            R=1  A=6  P=9301  HA=26973s FA=26971s OF=1
        Threads:    1 Msgs:     1 Procs:   1 Idle:   0 Plim:  20 Flim: 150
Kids: 1  Idle:  0  Msgs:   1  Thrds:   1  Rcpnts:    1  Uptime: 7h36m36s

If I re-start Z-mailer, the message is then delivered properly, but I see
that the old process with PID 9301 is still running.

This is on a Linux 2.0.29 system with GCC compiler and libc
5.4.20.  I did the following trickery to get the thing to compile: since
'AF_INET6' is #define'd in the 'linux/socket.h' header file but having
this definition causes the compilation to fail, I copied this file into
the Z-mailer includes under the 'linux' directory I created there and
edited out the 'AF_INET6' definition.  Also, if it matters, I did a fresh
install of Z-mailer.

Also, has anyone had any luck with the 'identd' stuff?  At best (i.e. if I
'telnet' direct to the SMTP port from a machine running 'identd'), I get
something like:

Mar 26 14:34:20 press smtpserver[15470]: connection from IDENT-NONSENSE@host