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Re: bug found

(gethostid() source picked up for HP-UX)
> Now the next problem which zmailer has since at least 2.99.25:
> If someone sends a postscript file of about 50K in length or longer
> then zmailer adds some bytes with HP-UX (not with Solaris!).
> This is a diff:
> goldt@hprbg1 [61]% (~): diff /tmp/la1 sfb12.dfg.ps 
> 434c434
> < FFFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFFE28317CB031>90 D<00FFF0000003FFFE00000F803F80000FC00F
> ---
> > FFFFFFFFFEFFFFFFFFFE28317CB031>90 D<00FFF0000003FFFE00000F803F80000FC00F
> /tmp/la1 is what zmailer delivered to me. In the router dir and in the
> queue the mail is still fine, so i think mailbox mangles the mail.

	The HP-UX does not have  HAVE_MMAP  defined in the   config.h  ?

	It occurs of the message is larger than BUFSIZE (8192 bytes ?),
	and the first segment ends with an 'F' in the scan-buffer for
	finding a 'From ' from the begining of line..  I have now rewritten
	the code responsible for that scanning to have a properly passed
	processing state structure instead of magic static variables..
	( .. what on earth had possessed me to write such horrible statics
	  in the first place, I don't know ..  I just know that I did them,
	  and I should not have done them in that way :-/ )

	Hmm.. 2.99.47 test complile at my machine gronks, because of
	some IPv6 things :-(  Oh bugger...  (But then I wrote them
	blindly at my home machine, which does not have IPv6 stuff :) )

> Sven
> -- 

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>