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Re: fwrite works

> Ok,
> i'll use this patch until mea releases a better one...
> Around line 2067 in mailbox.c:
> /* if (writebuf(fp, buffer, i, &lastch) != i) { */
> if (fwrite(buffer, i, 1, fp) < 1) {
> Now the mail arrives as it was sent. 
> I think writebuf is too complicated for me (as the whole zmailer source)
> so maybe someone else detects what's wrong in writebug/writebuf :)

	Like Dave Mason noted, you may get "surprises" :-)

	Right now I am at phase of developing the beast at my home machine,
	and I am trying to tie in SOME of the code for the IPv6 to be usable
	with it -- at least the smtpserver can now (perhaps) accept IPv6 ...
	( "perhaps" == "My home machine has Caldera CND 1.0 with Linux 1.2
	  kernel, and it definitely does not speak IPv6 ..." )

	I will try to look at the mailbox too.

Btw:	I just noticed that at smtp timeout the smtpserver leaves unfinished
	input files into $POSTOFFICE/public/ directory -- because it does not
	do proper cleanup on them.  More things to look at at home..
	( Sure, I have a 5 line quick-patch for it, but this is something
	  "I Want To Make Right"(TM), and it needs more lines... )

> Sven
> -- 
> The only limits are in your mind !

	/Matti Aarnio