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Temporary Account Required

I require a temporary mail account on a Zmailer 2.99 machine for testing 

I am experiencing problems receiving mail from a Zmailer 2.99 machine 
through any of the Microsoft Internet Mail tools (Internet Mail, Mail, 
Exchange, and Outlook).  The problem manifests itself as the loss of the 
last line of any incoming mail, and the addition of an empty line at the 
beginning of the message.

Thus, when I send (or anyone sends) me the following message:

1  First Line
2  Second Line
3  Last Line

I retrieve back (with the Microsoft tools)


1  First Line
2  Second Line

The error does not manifest itself with Netscape 2.0's mail facilities.

I don't immediately suspect Zmailer or Microsoft, because, with exactly the 
same software, this use to work like a charm.

My ISP points their finger at Microsoft.
Microsoft wants to duplicate the error, but my ISP doesn't want to help.
I'm suspicious of my ISP's configuration, because, as I said, it just 
suddenly stopped working correctly.

So, is there anyone out there kind and curious enough to help me verify the 
problem?  A temporary mail account is all I require.
Please respond by e-mail.


	- Cal

Cal Demaine
Autopro Automation Consultants Ltd.
(403) 539-2456 - cjd_acl@telusplanet.net