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Configuration help please.

Dear Zmailer folks,

I am reviewing MTAs with a view to replacing the use of sendmail on our
mailhub. Rather than start in at the deep end of what seems a fairly steep
learning curve on Zmailer config, I wondered if any other users had a
similar configuration to ourselves and could provide us with a template.

We have no direct connection to the internet. All mail to unknown hosts is
batched via UUCP to our ISP with the source machine name hidden (ie.
robmel@dev.nadt.org.uk appears as robmel@nadt.org.uk). 

All incoming mail comes to our hub via SMTP (or UUCP if it's inbound from
the Internet) where it is passed by SMTP to one of a pair of POP3 server
hosts according to the addressee. At the moment this is done via the
sendmail aliases file. 

   joebloggs:  joebloggs@pop1
   marybloggs: marybloggs@pop2

We do run BIND but only for local host lookup.

We will also soon want to accept incoming internet mail with a different
domain and pass this through via SMTP to a MS Mail server or possibly CC:
Mail (Another department).

All our hosts are FreeBSD 2.x. (if that makes any difference).

I'd be very grateful for your help.

Best Regards

Robin Melville, Addiction & Forensic Information Service
Nottingham Alcohol & Drug Team (Extn. 49178)
Vox: +44 (0)115 952 9478  Fax: +44 (0)115 952 9421 
Email: robmel@nadt.org.uk
WWW:   http://www.innotts.co.uk/nadt/