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Router serious bug


I am sending this message for the second time - it seems like first time
it has lost somewhere, I have not seen a copy of it in the mailing-list.

This problem still exists for the newest (2.99.46p1) version of Zmailer !

On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> > Hi,
> > 
> > we're running zmailer-2.99.44p1 on Linux, kernel 2.0.27 libc-5.4.17. All
> > the components of Zmailer are quite stable save router. Namely, when I
> > restart the router (-dkn 4)  with
> > 
> > zmailer router
> > 
> > sometimes the 4 router processes just die in 10-30 seconds, delivering
> > some mail and without any nasty diagnostics. After I issue 'zmailer
> > router' several times (sometimes it's more than 10) one of the router
> > processes turns to zombie, but the remaining 3 become quite stable and
> > after that Zmailer runs without any problems for many days (2.99.43
> > demonstarted the same behaviour, but with 1 zombie router it was
> > successfully working in heavy traffic conditions for more that 2 weeks). 
> 	PROPABLY this is the  svstack[]  limit thing that Olivier did
> 	notice too.
> 	I still wonder, why you don't get cores ?
> ...

Hello again,

I have found that this bug can be reproduced (on Linux at least) by
injecting the attached 2 files into the ~/rooter spooling directory.
Obviously addresses in these messages are malformed, but it should not
crash the router all the same...

The first file (100000) makes router die. It was in the router directory
since beginning of Dec.96 and was causing this 'zombie' problem on
2.99.43, 44 and now 45 patchlevels of Zmailer.

The second file (100001) makes router eat memory till machine crashes !

Files are MIME-attached as routerbug.tar.gz

Would you please look at that ?

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Sidorenko		Senior System Administrator
Internet Microtec, Montreal, QC

Files to crash router