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Re: Configuration help please.

> Dear Zmailer folks,
> I am reviewing MTAs with a view to replacing the use of sendmail on our
> mailhub. Rather than start in at the deep end of what seems a fairly steep
> learning curve on Zmailer config, I wondered if any other users had a
> similar configuration to ourselves and could provide us with a template.
> We have no direct connection to the internet. All mail to unknown hosts
> is batched via UUCP to our ISP with the source machine name hidden (ie.
> robmel@dev.nadt.org.uk appears as robmel@nadt.org.uk). 

	I haven't specifically written a "mail hub" configuration to
	rewrite addresses as to hide away actual hosts -- hadn't any
	need myself for it..  All my setups are generally speaking
	mailservers which consider some set of addresses as belonging
	to the local machine.

	That is, the local-delivery spool is at the local machine, and
	all my systems use that same spool -- they do share it either
	via NFS, or by reading from it eg. via POP or IMAP.

	Now to come to think of it, it is likely that building a "mboxmap"
	can point to individual hosts for actual local delivery at them
	in per user basis.

	Following is "merely" just thought out about how to do it,
	without any actual systems doing it this way.  (That I know of.)

> All incoming mail comes to our hub via SMTP (or UUCP if it's inbound from
> the Internet) where it is passed by SMTP to one of a pair of POP3 server
> hosts according to the addressee. At the moment this is done via the
> sendmail aliases file. 
> eg.
>    joebloggs:  joebloggs@pop1
>    marybloggs: marybloggs@pop2

	Unlike aliases, the mboxmap looks quite a bit different.
	The mboxmap database has lines like following:

		joebloggs   pop1:home-of-joebloggs:joebloggs
		marybloggs  pop2:home-of-marybloggs:marybloggs
		mea         pop3:/var/spool:mea

	Left side: key without ':' terminating it. Rest: data.

	The first two lines are according to the standard approach,
	however you can be a bit "sneaky", and store to the local
	/var/spool/PObox/ directory -- yes, you need to add one
	symlink there into even more commonly used path ;-)
	( or edit  $MAILSHARE/cf/aliases.cf  to change value
	  of POBOX=PObox to be:  POBOX=mail, and then things
	  should be even simpler :-) )

	Do note that the same mboxmap files should reside at each and
	every of the mail accepting servers (symmetric configuration
	there!) and the mailer's idea of  $hostname  should be
	written into the FIRST field of the result.  (My workstation
	is  mea.tmt.tele.fi, not plain "mea".)

	Actually each machine can have identical databases, and
	configration files sans ONE file.  The different file is
	usually residing at a path of:  /etc/mail.conf  and it
	should claim unique $hostname, but common  $mydomain for
	all machines involved in the  mboxmap-cloud.  That way the
	local-delivery is actually fully symmetric setup.

	At the `mail.conf' you should also define  SMARTHOST  to be
	a targer for the outbound deliveries.  At all machines except
	the one with UUCP it should point to the gateway, and there
	it should point to the remote uucp target.

	The  mail.conf  files:

	At the relay:
		SMARTHOST=that.uucp-gw.uk # Faked name

	At all others:

	The protocols you need to support ( list at  router.cf ) are:
	(I don't think you would need:  protocols="routes smtp", but
	 I could be wrong there.. You should not need.)

	The localnames database should list all variants
	about the hostname that you are willing to accept,
	including all the hostnames in the "mboxmap"-cloud:

		dev.nadt.org.uk   nadt.org.uk
		foo.nadt.org.uk   nadt.org.uk
		nadt.org.uk       nadt.org.uk

	And the routes database should have lines:
		.nadt.org.uk      error!nosuchdomain
		that.uucp-gw.uk   uucp!gwuucpname

	That is, all domains not matching your local identities
	(as listed in 'localnames'), but within your  $orgdomain
	are routed thru an error channel to yield an error report.
	However you need to add that error-form file to the system
	$MAILSHARE/forms/ -directory.

> We do run BIND but only for local host lookup.
> We will also soon want to accept incoming internet mail with a different
> domain and pass this through via SMTP to a MS Mail server or possibly CC:
> Mail (Another department).

	Just add more "routes" entries pointing to those, like:

		ccmail.nadt.org.uk  smtp!
		msmail.nadt.org.uk  smtp!
		some.domain.uk      smtp!

> All our hosts are FreeBSD 2.x. (if that makes any difference).

	It does not make any difference.

> I'd be very grateful for your help.
> Best Regards
> Robin.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Robin Melville, Addiction & Forensic Information Service
> Nottingham Alcohol & Drug Team (Extn. 49178)
> Vox: +44 (0)115 952 9478  Fax: +44 (0)115 952 9421 
> Email: robmel@nadt.org.uk
> WWW:   http://www.innotts.co.uk/nadt/

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>