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Re: how to deliver mail to IMAP mailboxes

Peter Ziobrzynski wrote:
> Just to follow up on my own question:
> I was in the middle of IMAP RFC reading and IMAP server installation
> and did not understand IMAP when writing my previous message.
> Now I know that hierarchy of folders on the IMAP server is not supposed
> to be exposed for mail delivery by MTA. Only the top level folder is.

	If CYRUS allows injection to   foouser.barfolder. or even:
	user.name.foofolder,  then it "just" needs some changes at
	how the "dotfull localparts" are detected, and processed at
	ZMailer.  Right now such ones will never go to local delivery
	on standard ZMailer.

	If such functionality is desired, we can talk about it in the
	ZMailer list.

> But think that a feature like this that would allow IMAP users to open
> various folders inside their hierarchy of folders for mail delivery
> would be a very useful. IMAP access control could be used to make
> some folders visible for the MTA and behave like a valid mailboxes
> during SMTP exchanges. I guess this could go on the IMAP wish list...

	It is partly Cyrus issue -- IMAP protocol does not care about
	what those dots mean -- and partly a mailer issue.

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