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Re: how to deliver mail to IMAP mailboxes

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> Peter Ziobrzynski wrote:
> > Just to follow up on my own question:
> >
> > I was in the middle of IMAP RFC reading and IMAP server installation
> > and did not understand IMAP when writing my previous message.
> > Now I know that hierarchy of folders on the IMAP server is not supposed
> > to be exposed for mail delivery by MTA. Only the top level folder is.
>         If CYRUS allows injection to   foouser.barfolder. or even:
>         user.name.foofolder,  then it "just" needs some changes at
>         how the "dotfull localparts" are detected, and processed at
>         ZMailer.  Right now such ones will never go to local delivery
>         on standard ZMailer.
>         If such functionality is desired, we can talk about it in the
>         ZMailer list.

I guess the sendmail behavior/feature would be a good choice for zmailer
as Chris Newman mentioned in the previous message.
We could hack rrouter.cf to do that - am I right?

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