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Re: how to deliver mail to IMAP mailboxes

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Peter Ziobrzynski wrote:
> I was in the middle of IMAP RFC reading and IMAP server installation
> and did not understand IMAP when writing my previous message.
> Now I know that hierarchy of folders on the IMAP server is not supposed
> to be exposed for mail delivery by MTA. Only the top level folder is.
> But think that a feature like this that would allow IMAP users to open
> various folders inside their hierarchy of folders for mail delivery
> would be a very useful. IMAP access control could be used to make
> some folders visible for the MTA and behave like a valid mailboxes
> during SMTP exchanges. I guess this could go on the IMAP wish list...

The IMAP ACL extension allows control of the "p" (post) flag to allow
mail delivery to a folder other than INBOX.  The convention that the Cyrus
sendmail configuration uses is that mail to username+foo@cyrus will be
filed into user.<username>.foo if "p" rights are available, otherwise it
goes into INBOX (user.<username>).