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Re: Header re-write

On Wed, 15 Feb 1995, Scott Schwartz wrote:

> > I don't understand your point. 
> My point is that in 2.2 the localnames file had a single, simple,
> useful, function.  In 2.99 it has some different function, with
> different rules, and no compelling motivation for any of those
> changes.

  The way localnames works now is more useful.  I use it.  The 
differences between the old localnames and the new is easier to summarize 
than the differences between IDA and V8.

> As long as I'm flaming, let me mention that I was one of Rayan's
> original beta-testers, back in the ancient days when psuvax1 was still
> a vax 11/780.  Even then Zmailer was more stable than 2.99 seems to be.

  Have you used 2.99?

  The real problem with 2.99, is the lack of workers.  Zmailer needs 
more patches/docs and less flames.