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Re: Header re-write

> I don't understand your point. 

My point is that in 2.2 the localnames file had a single, simple,
useful, function.  In 2.99 it has some different function, with
different rules, and no compelling motivation for any of those

Software improves only when it gets smaller.  Adding features because
they sound neat is bad engineering.  Changes should be introduced only
if they are necessary, as determined in practice, and if they reduce
the overall complexity of the program.  In other words, every "feature"
must carry its weight.

Most of the changes since 2.2 have been pointless fluff.  A few have
been important bug fixes.  But it's impossible to tell which is which
any more.

As long as I'm flaming, let me mention that I was one of Rayan's
original beta-testers, back in the ancient days when psuvax1 was still
a vax 11/780.  Even then Zmailer was more stable than 2.99 seems to be.