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Re: Source-route question

> The following is an example of a message received from the zmailer 
> list through zmailer on a sun and through mercury.  It adds this 
> information on outgoing mail as well.
> > Received: from MAIL by MSVU1 (Mercury 1.12); Wed, 8 Jun 94 13:32:18 +400 
> > Return-path: <@MSVU.Ca,@relay.cs.toronto.edu:zmailer-owner@cs.toronto.edu>
> > Received: from sun1.msvu.ca by msvu1.msvu.ca (Mercury 1.12);

While we're in the subject of source-route addresses, we have had a
little debate in our department over whether additional colons can be
used instead of commas in a source-route.  Sendmail never complained 
about them.  Zmailer complains and bounces the message.  Here's
an example:

Error in "from" envelope address:

                          ^                  ^
                          |                  |
                         (1)                (2)

where Zmailer says:

(1) expected word
(2) illegal end of route address, illegal special character in phrase

Is it really invalid?  Has anyone kludged Zmailer so that it isn't so picky
about RFC compliance (another thing that gets us is when it complains about
periods in user's real life name)?  We plan to move from sendmail to zmailer
but don't want these zmailer idiosyncracies to impact our users.


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