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Re: checking for new mail

On Mon, 6 Jun 1994, Julio Polo wrote:
> We're planing to use zmailer on our Suns running SunOS 4.1.3 and
> Solaris 2.3 to deliver mail to the user's home directory (into a file
> called Inbox) instead of the usual /var/spool/mail (or /var/mail).  Has
> anyone else run zmailer on a UNIX machine and delivered mail to users'
> home directories?  If so, I'd like to know how you have changed your
> login and finger programs so that they check for new mail in the new
> location.  

Maybe a link from mail spool directory to user's home one would help, 
maybe not.

/var/spool/mail/anuser -> /home/anuser/Inbox

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