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Source-route question

Hello all,
   I am having a problem with some listservers that complain about 
the "Return-path" in mail that is routed by zmailer.  Is this a 
problem with the listserver or a problem with the addition of the 
source route information by zmailer?  It seems that the listservers 
are trying to REPLY using the return-path.

The following is an example of a message received from the zmailer 
list through zmailer on a sun and through mercury.  It adds this 
information on outgoing mail as well.

> Received: from MAIL by MSVU1 (Mercury 1.12); Wed, 8 Jun 94 13:32:18 +400 
> Return-path: <@MSVU.Ca,@relay.cs.toronto.edu:zmailer-owner@cs.toronto.edu>
> Received: from sun1.msvu.ca by msvu1.msvu.ca (Mercury 1.12);

I have a fairly standard installation and mail seems to work fine 
going to and coming from everywhere else.  Is there a way to remove 
the addition of this source-route information?

Thanks, Murray

Murray Latter                            Phone: (902) 457-6460
Coordinator Network Services             Email: Murray.Latter@MSVU.Ca
Mount Saint Vincent University           Fax:   (902) 445-3960
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3M 2J6