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zmailer problems / questions

I have been working with zmailer for about two weeks and have several
questions and one big problem.  Currently we are running zmailer v2.2
on a SUN IPX using 4.1.3.  

The problem:

the router process has a huge memory leak that in the course of 24 hours
uses all physical and swap memory.  I've already added swap and taken to
restarting zmailer daily, but its not very pretty and we are still at
real low volume.  

Question: Has any one seen this problem before and know an answer ?

Next, I'm buying a new server to run our real mail apps on.  I
gather from previous posting zmailer will work under solaris 2.3 OK.

Question: Is this a recompile with the 5.4 flags or is it running in
 emulation ?

>From what I've read about zmailer, I'm inclined to like its 
general architecture, but, its reliability looks questionable.  We 
plan to have a lot of usres (>100,000) in the next 12 months.  No
not on one host :-), 

Question: Is anyone interested in sharing their experience with using
zmailer for very large volumnes ?

Last, but not least:

Question: Can anyone point me to tools, docs, contacts, and any other 
information regarding zmailer that would be of us.

Many Thanks

John S.

that would be of use.