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Address rewriting question

We use zmailer to route outgoing mail as well as incoming mail to 
other systems here on campus.

The problem I have is that mail from other systems (pmail/charon, 
pmdf on the vaxes, etc) that goes through the sun running zmailer 
gets the "from" address rewritten in a strange way.
This message instead of being from: <mlatter2@msvu1.msvu.ca> appears 
to come from <@msvu.ca:mlatter2@msvu1.msvu.ca>.

Does anyone out there have any insight on this?
I can certainly provide more information if needed.

Thanks very much in advance, Murray

Murray Latter                            Phone: (902) 457-6460
Coordinator Network Services             Email: Murray.Latter@MSVU.Ca
Mount Saint Vincent University           Fax:   (902) 445-3960
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3M 2J6