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Re: [ZMailer] Zmailer breaks on Fedora 12

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 02:41:40PM +0200, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> > I don't seem to have issues with any of the other databases btw.  Only
> > the policy DB seems to be affected.  Where in the zmailer code is the
> > filename for the policy db generated?
> It is at  smtpserver.conf file.  The default file says essentially:
> #
> # The policy database:  (NOTE: See  'makedb'  for its default suffixes!)
> #
> PARAM  policydb        $DBTYPE  $MAILVAR/db/smtp-policy
> The $MAILVAR  is read from   zmailer.conf  (where that is in your system),
> and if you have there a string:
> that would explain at least part of the problem..  The variable substitution
> engine does not handle double-indirections.

# grep MAILVAR /etc/zmailer/zmailer.conf

Grepping through /etc/zmailer doesn't find a single instance of "LMVAR".

> Btw: zmailer.org  runs on Amd-X2 (x86-64) and F12, so all things being equal,
>      I should be able to reproduce your problem..

I'm just installing F12 into a VM so I have a chance to look into what is
going wrong.

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