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[ZMailer] SMTP Timeout Parm in Scheduler.conf


I have a remote server that has an intermittent problem with its SMTP
service.  As a result, I see messages queue growing as my outbound smtp
waits through a connection timeout and subsequent retries.

The remote eventually self corrects and shortly thereafter the messages

I would like to change my configuration for this channel/host so the
SMTP timeout is substantially lower than the 5 minute default - to see
if I can reduce the amount of delay experienced in message delivery.

The message I am seeing is:

	"diag	Timeout of 300 sec while waiting responses from remote"

I see a timeout parm in the man page for smtp, but I am not
understanding the exact syntax required.  Here is what I have tried (in
scheduler.conf) for this channel/host - but neither of these seem to
work.  I still see the 300 sec timeout message.

	command="smtp -s -L [] -T conn=30s tcpw=30s"


	command="smtp -s -L [] -Tconn=30s -Ttcpw=30s"

What is the correct syntax here?


Neal Morgan

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