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Re: [ZMailer] FQDN at zmailer

Victor Gamov wrote:

> I use zmailer many years ago and now I try to use it again at my company
> domain.
> Now we need to use virtual domains at mail server and I need to zmailer
> deliver mail to mailboxes like user@dom1 and user@dom2
> If I use fqdnaliases then I need to use something like
> user@dom1:    userbox_dom1
> but I want to deliver mail into mailbox name in form user@dom1. If i try
> to use zmailer-2.99.57 "out of box" at FreeBSD box then I get
> "Malformed (missing) recipient privilege data"
> Is it posible to turn on/off some zmailer params to achieve this
> functionality or I need to hack fqdnliases.cf

I am not sure why do you get the message about the privilege data, but
as to your original goal, maybe MAILBOX=/var/maildoms/%D/%u (or like)
could be a solution.

This approach works best if your getpwnam() accepts username in the form

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