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Re: conversion to zmpoll - scheduler busyloops

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> During the testing I noticed that Solaris 10 and Linux 2.6 have somewhat
> different semantics in the returned results, and had to treat POLLHUP
> as if it were POLLIN (same with POLLERR, although I am not sure if that
> was entirely wise move.)

Worse case scenario, the following read() or recv() on the descriptor 
will return 0 (EOF) or -1 (ERROR) anyway and the application will deal 
with it appropriately.  In someways this is better since it ensures you 
read and processed every last byte in the descriptor kernel buffer.  As 
I think POLLHUP/POLLERR may have priority and can occur out-of-band.

> The things do appear to work properly now.

Is this your recommendation to 'cvs update' what level of quality do you 
feel these changes are alpha/beta/gamma/stable ?

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