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Re: conversion to zmpoll - scheduler busyloops

On 10/26/06, Eugene Crosser <crosser@rol.ru> wrote:
> We (I now have a colleague who assists me in mail system maintenance)
> noticed that after recent changes scheduler busyloops on poll().
> Investigation of the source revealed that the loop on cpids[] terminates
> on condition "i < maxf", where maxf is max file descriptor rather than
> max used cpids[] slot.

Right.  That was a thinko on my part...

> I also noticed that maxf and highfd are (almost) redundant, aren't they?

The original select(2) code had a maxf variable, and the router zmpoll
code (on which I was basing mine) had a highfd variable.  While I was
modifying the code I left most of the "old" code intact, so I could
gradually move from select(2) to zmpoll().  And then I commented
out most unneeded code; this one I must have missed.

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