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Re: scheduler.perflog

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 03:21:53PM +0100, Simon Brock wrote:
> I recently upgraded a machine from a 2.99.56 pre version to an actual 
> and then discovered that the perflog format had changed -- sigh.
> We run a newsletter system here and we were processing the old file 
> format that looked like this:
> timestamp   fileid    dt1   dt2   state   $channel/$host
> to get the fileid and update a database table with delivery time and 
> success information.  I could do this from the fileid as our software 
> created the file ids.  The new format does not have the fileid (or 
> the timestamp) and therefore I cannot do this.
> So three questions:
> -- can anyone think of another way of doing this?  I thought about 
> going from the maillog but I need to cross reference to the perflog.

The first two fields have been merged into "spoolid" that is
present all over the place:


--- zmailer/scheduler/update.c	2002/02/01 11:09:25	1.67
+++ zmailer/scheduler/update.c	2003/03/12 22:50:56	1.68
@@ -556,8 +556,8 @@ static void logstat(vp,reason)
 	if (!statuslog) return;
-	sfprintf(statuslog, "%ld %s %ld %ld %s %s/%s\n",
-		 (long)vp->cfp->mtime, vp->cfp->mid,
+	sfprintf(statuslog, "%s %ld %ld %s %s/%s\n",
+		 vp->cfp->spoolid,
 		 (long)(vp->cfp->envctime - vp->cfp->mtime),
 		 (long)(now - vp->cfp->envctime), reason,

> -- I think I can just amend update.c to use the old format without 
> breaking anything else.  Is this right?

Yes, reverse the diff above.
Alternate is to use same spoolid generation logic that e.g.
mail-submit uses in smtpserver.  See   taspoolid()  calls within
file  smtpserver/smtpdata.c  for data source, and its conversion
to the "spoolid" string.  Essentially it is encoded form of
above-presented 'mtime' and the 'mid' parts in a form something
like this sprintf pattern:
   sprintf(buf, "S%s%s", mid, encoded_timestamp)

The actual encoder implementation is in   lib/taspoolid.c  file.

> -- if I do the latter, is it worth doing properly (i.e. sending in a 
> patch).  Does anyone else miss the old format?

Didn't even know that somebody wanted it...  It was just a debug tool.

> TIA,
> Simon.

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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