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I recently upgraded a machine from a 2.99.56 pre version to an actual 
and then discovered that the perflog format had changed -- sigh.

We run a newsletter system here and we were processing the old file 
format that looked like this:

timestamp   fileid    dt1   dt2   state   $channel/$host

to get the fileid and update a database table with delivery time and 
success information.  I could do this from the fileid as our software 
created the file ids.  The new format does not have the fileid (or 
the timestamp) and therefore I cannot do this.

So three questions:

-- can anyone think of another way of doing this?  I thought about 
going from the maillog but I need to cross reference to the perflog.

-- I think I can just amend update.c to use the old format without 
breaking anything else.  Is this right?

-- if I do the latter, is it worth doing properly (i.e. sending in a 
patch).  Does anyone else miss the old format?

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