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Re: spamcop blacklisting servers for misdirected DSN messages

Eugene Crosser wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 21:10, Daryle A. Tilroe wrote:
>>Matti Aarnio wrote:
>>>  The  NOTIFY=NEVER  has effect of dropping also the non-delivery
>>>  notifications.   Furthermore,  ZMailer's  smtpserver will always
>>>  internally create default DSN parameters ("NOTIFY=FAILURE") even
>>>  if message originator didn't supply them in SMTP transaction,
>>>  and this setting overrides that as well as user supplied parameter.
>>OK after trying this it does not appear to be a good solution
>>since it suppresses the postmaster notification as well.  In
>>other words misaddressed email completely disappears; which
>>is unacceptable.
> Not true.  The sender gets DSN, it's just generated by the MTA that was
> trying to send you the message rather than by your MTA.

This doesn't make sense to me.  The email has been accepted by my
my MTA and the sender's MTA is out of the picture.  Now it becomes
a matter of what to do with the email if it cannot be locally
delivered.  The default is to bounce it back to the sender and also
notify the local postmaster.  Setting "PARAM force-rcpt-notify-never"
seems to cause the email to /dev/null itself if no valid local delivery
can be made.  I have tried it.  I think you may be confusing this
method with the SMTP session rejection?

Daryle A. Tilroe

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