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spamcop blacklisting servers for misdirected DSN messages

Zmailer users, welcome to spamcop blacklist! :-(

This is what spamcop admin writes:

>> The server is sending delivery failure notices to spamtrap addresses that
>> feed our complaint database.  A spamtrap is an unused address whose sole
>> reason for existence is to see if people will send unsolicited mail to
>> it.  Spamtraps are basically the nonexistent addresses at small vanity
>> domains owned by us or our associates.
>> It's misdirected bounces that are causing the server to be listed.  The
>> bounces are being sent "delayed".  Instead of refusing mail during the
>> SMTP conversation, the server is accepting mail with forged headers and
>> then later sending a bounce to what it thinks is the sender, but is in
>> reality a forged return address.
>> Until recently, spamcop has filtered out this sort of mail from being
>> counted against a server for blocking purposes.  However, spammers have
>> begun to take advantage of the lenience, and started disguising their spam
>> as bounces.  As a result, we've been forced to stop ignoring unsolicited
>> bounces caused by spammer forgery in order to protect our clients.
>> Please reject mail during SMTP or else just drop it.  Don't send bounces
>> if you can't be sure you send them to the right person.
>> http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html
>> - Don -


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