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Re: spamcop blacklisting servers for misdirected DSN messages

In article <4050AF44.7090604@micralyne.com>,
Daryle A. Tilroe <daryle@micralyne.com> wrote:
>> What spamcop does is simply telling me that they don't know
>> what they are doing (while pretending to provide a useful
>> service to people). I wouldn't trust these people in any way.
>I must admit I don't see this as necessarily bad thing to be
>attempting to do on spamcop's part.  How can we best deal
>with spam being delivered via forged bounces?

Yes, but spamcop *will be* (because of their stubborn stance
and the increase in spamming/virus activity) blocking sites with

- Antivirus email gateways

- Sites having an SMTP gateway but at the back is something
  like a proprietary or legacy email system

- ZMailer sites with a Cyrus IMAP database instead of normal
  Unix mailboxes

Certainly there must be more. I've seen enough delayed bounces
with completely legitimate reasons. And whether their way of
blocking will block real spams won't change the fact that they
are doing something that is intrinsically wrong.

The first two reasons cited will mean they will be blocking
large companies sooner or later, unless they have ugly hacks
to pre-whitelist large companies. If blocking of large companies
do not occur, then it would be more evidence that I should not
trust these people.

Reason 3 means they will be blocking my work site soon, because
I use Cyrus IMAP and there's absolutely no way for me to make my
ZMailer reject invalid addresses during the SMTP transaction.

>Daryle A. Tilroe
Ambrose LI Cheuk-Wing  <a.c.li@ieee.org>

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