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Re: Tag in zmsh (follow up)


I'd like to see what you've got... but I'm not gonna be able to even look 
at it for a couple of weeks :-(

However, as for a standard way of getting the file size with unix 
commands, I'd go for stat... but I don't know if its available 
everywhere... in linux you'd say:
$ stat -t FILENAME | cut -d ' '  -f 2
and get only the file size in bytes... but now that I check in a Solaris 
7 machine I have access to, I see 'stat' is not there :-(

However, I guess you can compile it yourself from 


El 9 Feb 2004 a las 19:55, Carlos G Mendioroz escribió:

> For those that may be interested, I've managed to get a tag()
> function into zmsh.
> That allows me to:
> 1) in process.cf, run a spam tester (spambayes) against $file and
> set an environment SPAMTAG as needed.
> 2) in rrouter.cf, copy the tag into the mail header for it to
> be stored in transport data.
> I'm not very happy with it, because header related functions use
> the internal garbage collected string functions, and as tag() timing
> seems not to fit standard sequencer(), I had to use a static buffer.
> (i.e. only one tag per message for the time being).
> Nevertheless, it seems to work, and seems to be easy on resources too.
> BTW, does someone know of a cheap way of getting the file size in a unix
> standard way ?
> I want to SPAM test only for small (<200k ?) messages, because I've 
> already downed my small home server while checking a 5meg message.
> But I suddenly realized that I know of no standard command to test
> for file size (well, using find does not fit the problem, and
> using ls | sed seems an overkill).
> May be I'm tired...

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
He who laughs last thinks slowest!

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