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Tag in zmsh (follow up)

For those that may be interested, I've managed to get a tag()
function into zmsh.

That allows me to:
1) in process.cf, run a spam tester (spambayes) against $file and
set an environment SPAMTAG as needed.
2) in rrouter.cf, copy the tag into the mail header for it to
be stored in transport data.

I'm not very happy with it, because header related functions use
the internal garbage collected string functions, and as tag() timing
seems not to fit standard sequencer(), I had to use a static buffer.
(i.e. only one tag per message for the time being).

Nevertheless, it seems to work, and seems to be easy on resources too.

BTW, does someone know of a cheap way of getting the file size in a unix
standard way ?
I want to SPAM test only for small (<200k ?) messages, because I've 
already downed my small home server while checking a 5meg message.
But I suddenly realized that I know of no standard command to test
for file size (well, using find does not fit the problem, and
using ls | sed seems an overkill).

May be I'm tired...

Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron@huapi.ba.ar>  LW7 EQI  Argentina

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