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Re: sloppy option

On 22-11-2003 at 02:03:07AM +0200, Matti Aarnio wrote:
MA> The 'S' thing in  smtpserver.conf  works only, if the remote ends
MA> greets with  HELO/EHLO.  But there are some weird clients that
MA> don't bother to do even that :-(
MA> I was trying to figure out, what was hammering one work server of mine
MA> with that utterly sloppy "start straight with 'MAIL FROM:foo@bar'"
MA> thingie.
Some mail clients make space between ":" and "<" (with normal sequence HELO before).

Maybe You thought about some option to don't accept messages "MAIL FROM:<>"?
1446    if (len == 0) /* MAIL FROM:<> -- error message ? */
1447      return 0;   /* We accept it, sigh.. */

Here "-1" and next nice option for spammers :-)

BTW, someone should think up SMTPng with better antispam mechanism.

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